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Media Policy

Jan Parker Cookery understands the importance of social media and online presence in promoting her brand and business. As such, we welcome influencers and businesses to use our photos, videos, and other media content for their marketing purposes. However, in order to maintain the integrity and quality of our brand, we have established the following media policy:


Permission to Use Media Content: All media content on the Jan Parker Cookery website, social media accounts, and online cooking classes are owned by Jan Parker Cookery. To use any of our media content for commercial or promotional purposes, you must seek permission by sending an email to We reserve the right to deny permission to use our content.


Fees for Media Content: Jan Parker Cookery may charge a fee for the use of our media content, depending on the nature of the request and the extent of the usage. We reserve the right to set the fee amount at our discretion.


Accreditation and Tagging: When using our media content, you must give proper accreditation to Jan Parker Cookery by tagging our social media accounts or providing a clear mention of our brand in the post. This is important to ensure that our brand is properly represented and that the content is not misrepresented.


Quality Control: We reserve the right to review and approve any content that uses our media content before it is published. This is to ensure that our brand is properly represented and that the content is not misleading or harmful to our brand.


Termination of Permission: We reserve the right to terminate permission to use our media content at any time, without notice or explanation.


We appreciate your interest in using our media content and are happy to work with you to create successful partnerships that benefit both parties. Please contact us at for any questions or inquiries regarding the use of our media content.

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