Jan Parker Cookery is committed to supporting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) businesses and movements in this community and beyond.


As a PoC-owned business we have consistently taken notice of elements within “the system” that pertain to media coverage of BIPOC peoples. 


Our concerns with the media are as follows: diverse imagery is currently being used to reflect support for BIPOC communities, but previous actions and content from these primarily white-owned and staffed media outlets do not reflect this same assertion of support. Bottom line, these media outlets have consistently chosen white people to adorn the front pages of their publications year after year, with only the occasional BIPOC represented, if that. 


According to the 2010 Race Census Bureau Report in Tacoma, 35% of residents in the Tacoma region identified as being BIPOC. If this is the case, where has this adequate and consistent representation been throughout Tacoma’s media outlets? 


And when we talk about representation we can’t do so without additionally discussing measures to ensure adequate compensation to the BIPOC community as well.


As a PoC leader in this community and in an effort to hold up BIPOC voices, we find it necessary in advocating for the following: going forward compensation will be afforded for any type of image posted of us in digital or print media as well as any type of consultation work requested. Non-Profit organizations are excluded from these compensation requirements.


We recognize the importance of media and business outlets in utilizing BIPOC imagery in their products as a show of solidarity, and understand that the visibility of this community can serve to empower its members. However, sharing our imagery and stories is powerful and sacred and therefore deserving not only of a place at the forefront, but proper compensation.


We have faith that our previous partners who have pledged support to this community will be on board with our new vision.    

For more information on fees, please contact janparkercookery@gmail.com